Vaccines were the cornerstone of the world’s emergency response to COVID-19 and were delivered in record speed saving many millions of lives and livelihoods.

The Solidarity Trial Vaccines (STV) was an international trial launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) to evaluate a new generation of promising vaccines against COVID-19. The trial started in 2021 in three locations – Mali, the Philippines and Colombia.

Alongside the WHO we produced a series of high impact national and community materials to promote the trial across audiences and participating countries. The objective was to promote understanding of the trial, correct misunderstandings and aid recruitment into the study.

We created a visual design style that was simple, universal and engaging and would work for different audiences across the globe.

Activities included animations, leaflets, recruitment flipbooks and digital learning materials for those involved in community engagement for the study.


The assets were generally seen by diverse audiences across different territories as clear and engaging.

And they helped get the message across about essential aspects of the trial, as well as helping dispel myths and aiding recruitment.