Behaviour change communications

We use insights from psychology, behavioural science and commercial marketing – alongside other research – to underpin all our activity.

The need to change people’s behaviour unites all bodies – whether it be charities, business or government/public sector.  However, the definition of the area is tricky and there are literally hundreds of behaviour change theories and models out there – some are relevant to your brief, some are not!

So we do all of the heavy lifting in sifting through all the evidence and applying the relevant frameworks.

And we guarantee a number of critical deliverables.

In every project we always:

Cite a clear
behaviour change goal

What do we want the target audience to do as a result of the campaign? This is THE critical question we always ask - and we don't accept 'fudgy' answers - because clarity on the behavioural goal from the outset drives the project forward - and provides the key metric to evaluate its progress.

Work with your target audience closely

We always acutely examine the target audience's views on your issue. And critically we co-design the intervention in partnership with them. Evidence shows this can really work.

Analyse the key barriers

We studiously evaluate all the factors that compete for an audience’s attention – often known as the ‘competiton’ (or for some the 'key barriers'.)

Develop a
‘positive exchange’

We must offer something of real value to an audience in exchange for them changing their behaviour. What we ‘offer’ must outweigh the perceived costs of changing their behaviour – i.e. time, effort etc.

Look at ALL factors that will help change behaviour

Our radar often goes beyond communications campaigns to recommending broader activities such as service redesign, policy change, advocacy etc

Build strong evaluation metrics in from the start

Strong metrics baked into the project from the outset, will truly show far you’ve come in changing people’s behaviour

Our people

What makes us unique is our team of 30 senior UK-based consultants and associates.

They come from a wealth of backgrounds including policy, marketing & design through to publishing, journalism and psychology. It’s this melting pot of experience that creates great work. We run both national and international initiatives and have links with the M&C Saatchi Global Group whose operations span 23 countries with major hubs in the UK, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia and Australia.

Our Leadership Team

Ed Gyde

CEO and public health lead

Ed has lived and breathed health campaigns for 2 decades. Coming from a medical family he is our public health lead and has shaped many of the biggest national public health campaigns: ‘5 a day’, Talk to FRANK (drugs education) and Know Your Limits (alcohol education). In his spare time he likes to think he’s got Roger Federer’s forehand on the tennis court (he hasn’t of course).

Kati Lopez

Creative director

Kati is our creative live-wire with decades of experience in art direction. She loves a challenge and has worked on issues ranging from mental health, smoking cessation and drug misuse to promoting Finnish culture. She specialises in bringing data to life. She’s also one of the nicest person you’ll ever meet.

Nenad Bogojevic

Senior brand designer

Nenad is a brilliant and versatile designer, with huge experience working across multimedia platforms. He has an amazing capability in brand creation – turning the written word into incredibly powerful logos that leap off the page. He’s created logos for heavyweight international groups like the ‘Global Ocean Commission’ through to challenging TV channels such as ‘London Live.’

Chris Rose

Senior strategist and environmental lead

Chris has decades of experience as a communications strategist, and is a renowned author and campaigner. Formerly the Deputy Executive Director of Greenpeace he’s an expert in communicating issues on climate change. He’s crystal clear about what works and what doesn’t. You’ll want him on your side!

Nicky Forsythe

Psychologist and lead researcher

Nicky is a qualitative researcher trained in Humanistic Psychology. She’s spent 20 years using psychological techniques to gain richer insight into people’s behaviour.  Her work has shaped policy in the Ministry of Justice and the NHS. She’s facilitated groups among airport baggage handlers and victims of domestic violence through to people with learning disabilities and top scientists.

Pat Branigan

Senior researcher

Pat has had a diverse career – he’s an anthropologist with huge experience in delivering analytical solutions for major Government initiatives. His specialism is qualitative research and he has led the development of over 40 HIV campaigns and was also instrumental in shaping the Government’s ‘Talk to Frank’ initiative.

Amy Meadows

Senior marketing strategist

Amy is our strategy dynamo with over 20 years experience unpicking every issue under the sun – but her work on society’s biggest taboo issues really stand out. Her strategy work for various mental health organsiations has really helped build ‘The Time to Change’ movement which aims to destigmatise the issue of mental illness.

Ron Finlay

Senior PR strategist

Ron is our PR supremo – with over 30 years’ experience in PR strategy, stakeholder communications and public affairs. He’s an expert in all matters NHS and his recent work includes devising the public & patient engagement strategy for local NHS groups, and also conducting razor-sharp healthcare professional research for Diabetes UK.

Charlotte Sutton

PR and media director

Charlotte is our tenacious media guru who leads our press office teams. She has decades of experience gaining high profile coverage for campaigns such as ‘Tackling Violent Crime’ for the Home Office through to Network Rail’s youth safety campaign ‘Rail Life.’ She’s got an amazing breadth of media relationships across the health sector and will always achieve the big headlines.

Angela Coles

Communications and media trainer

Angela is a highly experienced presentation and media coach. She helps people to get their messages across clearly every time. Previously a national journalist she’s trained everyone from Government ministers through to A list celebrities. People say her training sessions are the best courses they’ve ever done.